Manage your website with a smile!


Manage your website with ease!

Website Made Simple is a content management system (CMS),
allowing for easy and simple website management.


"Wow! This actually works very easily." ~ Maria

Well organized

Website Made Simple is a clear and well-organized system. You can quickly find your way to upload files, create pages and much more.

File Management

Drag-and-drop your images and other files at File Management - or while inserting a file. You can see a small preview and with a pop-up you can see detailed information about each file.

User Management

You can create an unlimited number of users who can manage (parts of) your website. For example, edit or post blog entries but not edit pages.

Search Engine Optimized

The content management system is by default optimized for search engines. You have extra SEO options available to customize it further as desired.


Website Made Simple is currently available in Dutch and English. Soon also in Italian. Each user can specify his or her language preference.